The Opening ceremony will take place at the university conference room (next to rectorat)


Honorary Chairs

Pr. Ouiza CHERIFI, UMBB Rector, Boumerdes, Algeria

Pr. Arab AZRAR, IGEE Director, UMBB, Algeria

Conference Chair

Dr. Abdelhamid DAAMOUCHE, UMBB, Algeria

Conference Co-Chairs

Dr. Aissa KHELDOUN, UMBB, Algeria

Dr. Mouloud CHALLAL, UMBB, Algeria

Dr. Abdelmalek KOUADRI, UMBB, Algeria

Dr. Abdelmadjid RECIOUI, UMBB, Algeria.

Local Organizing Committee

Mr. Rezki AMRANI, UMBB, Algeria.

Dr. Brahim METIDJI, UMBB, Algeria.

Mr. Ahmed KERFI, UMBB, Algeria.

Mr. Mourad AIT-TAHAR, UMBB, Algeria.

Dr. Razika Boushaki, UMBB, Algeria.

Mr. Zakaria Rabiai, UMBB, Algeria.

Scientific Committee

1. AKSAS R., ENP, Algeria

2. ALBARBAR A., Manchester Metropolitan University, United Kingdom

3. ARSHAD M. K., Univ. of Malaysia Perlis, Malaysia

4. AZZOUZI M., Univ. of Djelfa, Algeria


6. BEGUENANE R., Canada

7. BEKKA R. E., Univ. of Setif, Algeria

8. BELAIDI H., UMBB, Algeria

9. BELATRECHE A. Univ. of Ulstern, UK

10. BENALI K., UCL, Belgium

11. BENAMROUCHE N., Univ. of Tizi-ouzou, Algeria

12. BENATTIA N., Univ. of Batna, Algeria

13. BENTARZI H., UMBB, Algeria

14. BENZID R., Univ. of Batna, Algeria

15. BOUBAKEUR A., ENP, Algeria

16. BOUCHERIT M. S., ENP, Algeria

17. BOUDENE T., Univ. of Jijel, Algeria

18. BOUDJEMAA F., ENP, Algeria

19. BOULAKROUNE M., Univ. of Ouargla, Algeria

20. BOUSHAKI R., UMBB, Algeria.

21. BOUTEJDAR A., Univ. of Magdeburg, Germany

22. CHIKOUCHE D., Univ. of M’sila, Algeria

23. CHOUBANI F., SUP'COM, Tunisia

24. DAHIMENE A., UMBB, Algeria

25. DHERBECOURT P., Université de Rouen, France

26. DJENNOUNE S., Univ. of Tizi Ouzou, Algeria

27. DOGHMANE N. Univ. of Annaba

28. DRID S., Univ. of Batna, Algeria

29. ELBAROUD A., Univ. of Skikda, Algeria

30. EL MOUSSATI A., ENSA Oujda, Morocco

31. El- OUALKADI A., Univ. of Abdelmalek Essaadi, Morocco

32. ESSAIDI M., Univ. of Titouan, Morocco

33. EVAN Vaclavik, Univ. of Switzerland, Switzerland

34. FORTAKI T., Univ. of Batna, Algeria

35. GUESSOUM A, Univ. of Blida, Algeria

36. HADJEM A., Orange Labs, France

37. HARKAT M., Univ. of Annaba, Algeria

38. HERZOG, Univ. of Switzerland, Switzerland.

39. IBTIOUEN R., ENP, Algeria

40. IKHLEF A., Univ. of Newcastle, United Kingdom

41. JOSÉ Ragot, Institut National Polytechnique de Lorraine, France

42. KACHA A., Univ. of Jijel, Algeria

43. KEBBIKH H., Univ. of Guelma, Algeria

44. KHEZZAR A., Univ. of Constantine, Algeria

45. KHELIL K., Univ. of Souk Ahras, Algeria

46. KIMOUCHE H., EMP, Algeria

47. KRIM F., Univ. of Setif, Algeria

48. LACHOURI A., Univ. of Skikda, Algeria

49. LAROUSSI T. Univ. of Constantine1

50. LIAO K., University of Kansas, USA

51. MAIDI A., Univ. of Tizi Ouzou, Algeria

52. MAUN J. C., ULB, Belgium

53. MAYOUF A., University of Djelfa, Algeria

54. MEKHALEF S., Univ. of Malaysia, Malaysia

55. NAKAMATSU K., Univ. of Hyogo, Japan

56. OUADI A, UMBB, Algeria

57. OULD BOUAMMAMA B., Univ. Tech. de Lille, France

58. PASOLI E., University of Trento, Italy

59. TALAIGHIL R., UMBB, Algeria

60. TEBBIKH H. Univ. of Guelma, Algeria

61. TEGUAR M., ENP, Algeria

62. TILMATINE A., Univ. of Belabes, Algeria

63. TOUNSI M. L., USTHB, Algeria

64. TRABELSI M., ENP, Algeria

65. YAGOUB M. C., University of Ottawa, Canada

66. SARI Z. Univ. of Tlemcen, Algeria

67. ZAHAWI B., Khalifa University, UAE

68. ZEROUG H., USTHB, Algeria

About IGEE ex INELEC :

The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Boumerdes formerly called the National Institute of Electricity and Electronics- INELEC, came into existence as a result of an agreement signed between the National Company for Manufacture and Assembly of Electrical and Electronic Equipment, SONELEC, and Education Development Center, EDC, Newton, Mass., USA. The agreement was signed as early as March 1976, according to the program set forth in the planning study conducted for SONATRACH in March 1974.
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